Wednesday, November 16, 2011

71 . . .

My dad has always kinda hated birds, and I think he passed that feeling on to me.  I still remember our first trip to Walt Disney World, in 1988.  I was in my upper teens, but my brothers were 10 and 8.  We lined up for the parade in the Magic Kingdom and I put my brother David up on my shoulders.  About halfway through the parade he said “eww. . . there’s mustard on my shirt”.  Well, it wasn’t mustard.  It was bird poop!  I’ve always felt a little indebted to him – after all, he saved me from the fate of being pooped on by a bird. 

The next summer, I went along to the beach with my aunt and uncle.  My uncle bought one of those caps that has fake bird poop on it and says “d*?! seagulls”. While I don’t condone the language, I did think that was pretty funny.  Yep, I just didn’t care much for birds. 

Years passed and I became Gracie’s mom.  Gracie has always had an appreciation for birds.  We put up a few birdfeeders right outside the living room window, did a full-year science study on birds, and have bought numerous bird  books to help us identify our “feathered friends”.  I became rather intrigued by birds.  They really are pretty.  And I enjoy watching them (from inside).

While I still have this huge fear of being pooped on, my fear or hatred of birds is much reduced these days.  So, when I saw my friend Beth’s post about Flights of Wonder at Animal Kingdom, I decided to add it to our countdown list.  Yep, you guessed it, it’s #71

If you’ve seen it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  If you’ve ever been pooped on, bless you.  You’ve survived on of my worst nightmares!


Tara Mitchell said...

I can't wait to see your review of Flights of Wonder. After all these years, I still haven't seen it! :(

Capturing Magical Memories said...

I strangely love Flights of Wonder.  It was one of those things that surprised me. The show is cheeky and addresses your lack of enjoyment for birds head on!  And I have been pooped on!  Not at Disney but on a road trip in college.  It was in the middle of a parking lot.  Still dramatized by it... but isn't it supposed to be lucky?

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