Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Disney, Shopping, & Lists . . .

. . . these are a few of my favorites things!
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This is a fun topic for me because, as stated above, I love Disney – I love shopping – and I love lists!  When it comes to planning our Disney trips, I’ve got lists, and lists of lists. I list things like what parks to go to when, what to wear on any given day, what snacks we want to try, what reservations we have and when, and many other things. When it comes to shopping, I make lists for our groceries, clothing we need to look for as seasons change, etc. 
But shopping for/at Disney is different than regular shopping or grocery shopping.  Shopping at Disney is an experience in and of itself! Even my husband, who is normally a very reluctant shopper enjoys shopping at Disney!
When I was thinking about how I wanted to approach this topic, it struck me that we each have “mental lists” of what we hope to buy on our upcoming trip (FYI: we leave in 72 days!)  So, I thought I’d share those lists with you . . .
BRIAN – In 2009, Brian purchased a new watch at Walt Disney World, specifically at the Main Street Emporium in the Magic Kingdom.  He loved that watch and wore it ‘til the band broke in two! On our trip this past May, he searched for a new one to replace it, but couldn’t find one that was “just right”. So at the top of his list for our next trip (when we’ll have more time to look) is a new watch.
ASHLEY – Ashley loves hoodies, but they are so expensive at Disney. But, since we’re going in the winter next time, and since she is now a “working woman” who has her own money to spend, I’m quite certain she’ll be adding a Disney hoodie to her hoodie collection.
GRACIE – Last week, I posted what’s at the top of Gracie’s shopping list for our next trip. She’d like to buy a new outfit for her Duffy bear. Gracie, too, has a job earning $10 per week, so she’ll have some of her own money to spend on her trip. *  Gracie will also, most likely, add a new pin or two to her collection.
IAN – Unfortunately, Ian doesn’t have enough money for everything that’s on his list. But, at the very top is “something from the Lego store” at Downtown Disney.  Currently, he’s leaning toward something Pirates of the Caribbean, but that could change over the next 72 days!*
*Recently, over at Your Highway in the Sky, I talked about how Gracie and Ian are earning money on a Disney gift card for our next trip.
ME – When it comes to shopping at Disney, I’m the worst in my family. First of all, I WANT IT ALL!  I dream of having a house that has some Disney influence in every room.  But then, when I get there and I’m actually shopping, I can never decide what I want to buy.  LOL I don’t have anything specific on my list for this next time, but I especially love the kitchen shops and would like to buy something new for my kitchen. :) 
Oh, and I also have been purchasing photo albums on each trip. It makes it so easy to come home, sort my pictures, and get them in an album right away (needless to say, my Disney pictures are the only ones that ever get put in albums, while the rest sit here on my computer!
What about YOU? What do you like to buy at Disney?
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DebSays said...

Great post! I'm with you, I can never decide what to get for myself.  I love the Gourmet Mickey kitchen collection though:-) 

Wendy Neeld said...

Great shopping list!  Be sure Brian checks out World of Disney at Downtown Disney and Once Upon a Time at DHS.  Both of those places have some unique, beautiful Disney watches you might not find in other stores.  And, although it's not as fun as buying at the park, Ashley might want to watch the clearance section of the Disney store online.  I scored a hoodie there about a month ago for $12.  And, if she looks on property, remind her to check out the guys' section at World of Disney. I often find designs I like better in the men's section, and they're often cheaper than the girls (because guys don't like clothes yanno ;oP  )

PT at 400 Miles to Disneyland said...

haha...I like your list!  I want it all too!!  Especially all the fun home decor and kitchen accessories! :-)

Beth D. said...

We always purchase a photo album and mugs or shot glasses.  But in reality, like you, I want it all! :-)

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