Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge-November 16

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you might know that we had 2 Pugs.  Dogs never seemed to work out in our family; but we had the opportunity to get our first Pug from some neighbors who were breeders and we decided we’d try a smaller dog. 

I kept reading how much better Pugs are with a companion, so several months later we went back and adopted her younger sister.  It was not our experience that Pugs are better with a companion!  From the time we brought the second Pug into the house, the first one because a total spaz.  In fact, I referred to her as bi-polar because she was so sweet and loving with us, but so mean and nasty to her sister.  It was  becoming quite stressful to all of us.

So, a few months back, we made the difficult decision of looking for a new home for one of our Pugs.  While it was hard to see her go, the blessings came afterwards. . .

I started receiving e-mail updates from Sallie’s new owner.  Sallie has been such a blessing in her life.  Sallie needed to be in a home where she was the “princess” and her new owner was in need of a companion.  They seem to be  getting along splendidly; and I honestly believe that God worked out the details – yes, even for a dog!

So, today I am thankful for both Sallie’s new owner (who loves her) and for our remaining pet, Lizzie – who is such a sweet, precious girl!  She’s got some special needs of her own; but those just make her all the more loveable! fall 2011 187 Gracie and Lizzie – listening to their history lesson

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Rodna said...

We have a Maltese, and we bought a long haired dachshund and brought him home. The dogs sometimes love each other and sometimes fight. lol

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