Tuesday, December 27, 2011

30 . . .

Man, only 30 days to go!  It seems like just yesterday that we started this 100 Days to Disney countdown – the time has been flying by!  Hard to believe  that there are only 30 days left ‘til we leave for our next Disney vacation! 

Florida 2011 1251 One of my favorite things to do at the Animal Kingdom (and we made a special trip to this park in May JUST for this attraction) is Kilamanjaro Safaris.  We love going out in the “wild” and seeing all of the animals.  It’s amazing how close to actually are to some of them!  Disney has gone an excellent job of making this attraction very true to life and we find it amazing each and every time that we ride it.  It’s a definitely DO NOT MISS at Animal Kingdom!  And, it’s worth the long wait in line!

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