Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fall Fiction Fling ~ The Dangerous Journey of Sherman the Sheep


This is the last week that I’ll be introducing you to some new books via the Fall Fiction Fling.  After all, it’s nearly winter (and nearly Christmas!)  This week’s book is a bit different from the rest, in that it’s target audience is kids or young adults.  It’s also recommended as a great family read-aloud.

DangJourneyCoverWeb72 When Sherman, a carefree lamb in the Good Shepherd's flock, grows into a young ram, he longs for adventure and acceptance by his peers. So, against his father's warnings, he climbs "Pleasure Mountain." There he encounters strange new enticements and dangers which at first seem exciting, but finally prove more than a young ram can handle on his own. Sherman finally admits his father was right when he called it "Sin Mountain," but how will he escape and get back to the fold? And what great adventure has the Shepherd prepared for him?

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dean Davis earned a degree in philosophy from U.C. Santa Cruz. After several unsatisfying years on Sin Mountain, the Good Shepherd rescued him, and eventually Dean became a pastor and Bible teacher in Santa Rosa, California, where he currently resides.

Dean has often worked with children and youth, and enjoys story telling. He is currently director of Come Let Us Reason, a Bible teaching ministry specializing in the study of apologetics and the biblical worldview.

Dean and his wife, Linda, are the parents of two sons and three daughters, all of whom have flown the family nest. In addition to The Dangerous Journey of Sherman the Sheep, Dean has authored nonfiction books including In Search of the Beginning and The Test: A Seeker's Journey to the Meaning of Life (Pleasant Word).

Watch Dean Davis reading a short, 4-minute section of The Dangerous Journey of Sherman the Sheep:

This book normally retails for $9.99, but is on a special Christmas sale right now for only $5.49.  You can purchase it directly from the publisher.  This book is also now available as an e-book and can be purchased from Amazon.com. The e-book version also includes a Discussion/Activity Guide. (If you purchase the print version of the book, you can download the Discussion/Activity Guide here.)

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Dean Davis said...

Thanks so much for participating in the Fling. I truly hope your readers will enjoy Sherman. Once you've gotten to know him, he tends to be the kind of sheep who wanders around your heart for years!

Holiday Blessings,

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