Friday, December 23, 2011

Fun with Flowers

Niecy-Nash We’ve been watching reruns of Clean House on Netflix.  It might be safe to say that Ashley and I are addicted to that show.  LOL  In any case, we love the big flamboyant flowers that Niecy Nash always wears in her hair – they’re always so colorful and fun. 

We want to be colorful and fun too!  But, have you priced these flower hairclips in the stores?  Florida 2011 119 We had found one on a headband this past spring (on clearance at Target) – and it looked so cute in Ashley’s hair for conventions.  At Disney, we added a cute little Disney pin to it to spice it up a  bit.

We have a family wedding coming up next week, and both Ashley and I are wearing shades of black and gray (traditional funeral colors, right?!)  I thought it might be fun to brighten up with a flower for my hair, so we stopped in Claire’s at the mall last Sunday to look for some flowers.  I wanted red, but Ashley talked me into a black one (which really defeated the purpose anyway!)  It cost a whopping $6.50 for a fake flower on a hairclip!  That’s highway robbery, people!

crafts 057 I did buy it; but afterwards I got to thinking that we need to figure out how to make these things.  So, after a trip to the Dollar Tree and Wal-mart yesterday, we turned out 10 hairclips in about an hour.  And guess what?  It cost less to create all 10 of them than it did to buy one!  Seriously!

I spent $3 for 3 bunches of flowers at the Dollar Tree – a poinsettia bunch, a daisy bunch, and I’m not sure what the other ones are (but there were 2 purple, 2 gold, and 2 green flowers on the bunch).  Then, at Wal-mart, I found the hairclips – 6 in a pack for $1.47.  The only other supplies we used were felt (a whole sheet of felt is only 20 cents and we didn’t even use 1/2  the sheet for all these clips), scissors, and a hot glue gun.

We made 2 “duds” before we really got the hang of it.  And, by the end, I was pulling flowers apart and combining colors, adding leaves, etc.  It was a fun project and yielded decent results.  Here’s what they look like in (my) hair:

crafts 051 crafts 052 crafts 049 crafts 050

Not sure why my hair looks so dark in that first picture.  But, anyway, you get the idea.  Cute, huh?  Both the daisy and the poinsettia are 2 flowers, combined/layered into one to make them fuller and to lay nicer.  The gold flower is exactly as it appeared on the bunch, but I added the leaves to it.  The purple/green flower is a combination of two flowers (we also made one of each color, as shown in the picture above). Now, Ashley wants to get some brighter-colored flowers and make some more! 

Which one is your favorite?


Shannon said...

Pointsetta - can you make ME one?!?!?  SO pretty!  Chaeli would love those... can you show us how to make them when we come visit this summer? Please? *batting eyelashes*

Marie said...

Love this idea! I bought hairclips to make bows for my daughter and her friends and never got around to it. I'm going to do this instead!!! I love the purple and cute! BTW, what's the felt for?

Nikki Tibbetts said...

The purple/green combo is my favorite. I bet my girls would like making these too! 

Athena said...

I love that show too!!  Have you seen the New York one with a different host?  Not sure about that one yet, have only watched one episode.  Love the flowers!  My fav is the purple/green!

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