Wednesday, January 11, 2012

17, 16 & 15…

17 - Next up on our countdown is the Flame Tree Barbeque in Animal Kingdom. We have never eaten there before, but we are definitely looking forward to eating there in a few weeks. :)

16 – One of mine ( and Gracie’s ) favorite rides is the Rockin’ Roller Coaster in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! I love the “launch”, and that it’s in the dark! I haven’t been on it in a few years – because I’ve been riding on the Tower of Terror, but this year, I can’t wait to get back to riding it again!

15 – Because she’s never been on it – this trip, Gracie wants to ride on the Primeval Whirl. I rode this when I was 11, and I remember enjoying it – so I’ll probably be the one to ride it with her. Especially since I’m also the only one who is okay with spinning & going backwards on rides!



That Odd Mom said...

Thanks for keeping the countdown going Ashely, I love these post from your mom! We ate at Flame Tree BBQ when we went in Nov. and it was good. Watch where you sit though, I think we spent more time fighting off a LOT of birds than enjoying our food. ; )

My Own Sense and Sensibility said...

Ashley, We LOVE Flame Tree BBQ.  We eat there every time we go. YOu will love it.  Hope to see you guys while we're there.  Mindy Brasher 

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