Friday, March 30, 2012

OK, I confess . . .

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This week, Magical Blogorail ORANGE is talking about
Our Secret Shame -
the one thing we’re ashamed to say that we've never done at Disney.

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And, rather than beat around the bush, I’m just going to come right out and confess my shame . . . I’ve never seen Fantasmic. 

What is Fantasmic?

Fantasmic! is a breathtaking 25-minute fireworks and water show performed select nights at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park that brings together all of your favorite Disney Characters—including heroes, princesses and villains—for the very first time.

Why have I never seen it?

As much as we love Disney, we have never been huge fans of the villians.  Quite frankly, I’m a chicken.  And with that comes another confession . . . I’ve never watched the movie Sleeping Beauty in its entirety.  Maleficent totally freaks me out.  Because of that, I’m not real fond of the whole dragon scene in Enchanted either. 

Here’s the deal, though . . .

We had good intentions on our last trip.  My family collectively decided to “suck it up” and actually go to see Fantasmic for the first time.  We psyched ourselves up for it – and actually got excited.  Only to find out that the show would be closed during the time that we were visiting.  Hmmm . . . meant to be?  Was Disney helping to buy us more time?  I don’t know.

But, because of my new job as a Magical Travel Specialist with 3D Travel Company, we now have plans to return to Walt Disney World this September. And, I’m pretty sure that Fantasmic will be playing (in all it’s villain glory) at that time of the year. 

So, once again, we’re gearing ourselves up to see it.  Check back later this year to find out what we thought of it! 

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Wendy said...

Okay, I guess I have a confession then too...I don't really like Fantasmic. We saw it several years ago - did the dinner package at Brown Derby and got reserved seating. And I was so excited! I had read about the show and the dragon and...meh. It was okay, but I wanted more plot, more drama. If you ask me, I'd rather go see Wishes or Illuminations.

V @ No Privacy At All Around This Place! said...

I haven't seen Fantasmic in Disney World either!! I saw it in Disneyland last year and was not impressed.

I'm with you and Wendy. I'll take Illuminations over Fantasmic any day of the week!

That Odd Mom said...

I couldn't help but giggle because Sleeping Beauty completely freaked me out as a kid. We had here from Netflix a month or so ago and I didn't even watch it then.

We too have never seen Fantasmic, but that is only because Matt freaks out from the loud noise and well, me and the hubs hate the crowds.

Disney on Wheels said...

If you can ride Tower of Terror you guys can handle Fantasmic. ;) I hope you get to see it in September. Its not my favorite nighttime show but I do love the dragon. :)

DebSays said...

Fantasmic isn't on our must do list, in fact I don't think DH has seen it in about 10 years! We've done the dinner package at Brown Derby twice, and many times just waited in line. It's ok and every now and then I'll see it but I'd rather enjoy the empty park while everyone else is watching the show.

Jennifer Lissak said...

I haven't seen it either.. My confession would be - I don't really like DHS so we're never there at night... and when we've thought about it, we haven't wanted to wait for an hour to sit down and I've heard getting out is just as bad.. so maybe one day.. sans kids, but not in the near future!

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