Sunday, April 15, 2012

Italia–want to go?

I celebrated by fifth birthday, lost my first tooth, and learned to ride a bike without training wheels – all while living in Italy.  I also visited the Swiss Alps, rode in a gondola through the watery street of Venice, and stood in awe in St. Mark’s Square.  We drove around in a Fiat long before these little cars made their debut in the U.S. I even attempted to push the Leaning Tower of Pisa over!  To this day, I can still taste the pizza and the hard bread – and I long for the opportunity to one day visit Italy again. 

ItalyGiveawaySo, yes, I’m just a little excited that Homeschool Mosaics has teamed up with Landry Academy to give away . . .


Unfortunately, as a founding member and Senior Editor of Homeschool Mosaics, I am not eligible to win this amazing prize.  BUT YOU ARE! 

You can read all the details and enter to win over at Homeschool Mosaics.  (You may want to make sure you have to passport ready!)

1 comment:

Heather Lynn Brown said...

SERIOUSLY?!?!?! This is CRAZY! Well, crazy in a most excellent way! I am entered...

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