Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trip Report ~ Epcot (day 2–part 2)

I have come to the conclusion that reporting on our Disney trip is very much like writing in a journal for me – I’m terrible at it.  The last time I wrote anything about our trip (in the report posts) was Tuesday, March 13th.  Shame on me!

Anyway, I’ve decided to become a bit more “organized” with my blogging so that I know what I have to (or want to) write about each day.  Tuesdays will be for Trip Reports (or scheduled Magical Blogorail posts).  So, here I am picking up where I left off . . .

I adore World Showcase!  Seriously!  I could spend days walking around there and not get bored or tired of it.  I’m fascinated by the different countries and cultures.  Like everything else that Disney does, everything in World Showcase it just so realistic.  You literally feel like you are transported to the various countries that are “showcased” in the pavilions. 

Upon our arrival at Epcot on January 28th, we strolled through Future World, stopped to visit the guy in the Disney Vacation Club booth (who just so happened to have lived near us for awhile – who knew?), and then ventured back to World Showcase to head to Norway for our breakfast reservation (more on that here).

Epcot 1

We always have to make a stop at the shops right across the entrance.  Because we were there before 11am, though, they weren’t open yet.  That doesn’t stop us from taking pictures, though.  Then, on  through Mexico, for a photo or two.

Epcot 2

Day2Mom 020 wm

While waiting for our names to be called, we strolled around the Norway pavilion, grabbed a few pictures, and made some new friends.  (Hand-made t-shirts make great conversation starters!)

Epcot 3

Epcot 4

Following our breakfast, we decided to go in the opposite direction that we normally do (we normally go clockwise around the countries) – so we headed back in the direction we had come from and started in Canada, working our way around in a counter-clockwise direction. We stopped to meet Duffy on the way.

Epcot 5

Next week, I’ll report more about our trip through World Showcase.  Stay tuned . . .

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