Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where in the World (wide web) is Heidi?

I love my blog.  Really, I do.  Finally – after all these years of blogging – I finally have it looking just right (thanks to my friend Christi from The Graphic Lady).  But, sometimes I’m just so busy that it’s hard to find the time to write. 

So, on those days when you are missing me, I thought you might like to know where you can find me if I’m not here (in) Heidi’s Head . . .

HMButton125x125Several months ago, I shared a heartfelt post about a new adventure that I was on with some friends. That adventure is Homeschool Mosaics – a great resource and encouragement site for all homeschoolers (without regard to race, religious affiliation, homeschool style, etc.)  You will find me posting over there on the following dates (each month):

1st – Mosaic Musings (my editorial, from-the-heart, column)

14th – Homeschool Mosaics Giveaway Day! (it’s my privilege to announce our monthly giveaway, sponsored by some of our favorite homeschooling friends)

24th – Sharing Our Favorites (a “review” style column that I share with Brenda, co-creator of the site)

And you can find me (almost) daily over at our Facebook page – announcing the latest posts and other fun stuff. 


On the 16th of each month, you can find me posting over at The Disney Moms. Ordinarily I post something pertaining to “Disney with Teens”, but that doesn’t always hold true – it just depends what my Disney brain is thinking about at the time.  My post for May was a list of great Disney-related gift ideas for the graduate in your life.


I post over at Your Highway in the Sky when I’m feeling like a really clever, Mother-Knows-Best type of mom.  Or, when I get some juicy Disney-related news that I just have to share somewhere.  It’s a fun bunch of writers over there!

3D Logo

Sometimes, my boss will let me post over at the blog for 3D Travel Company.  Over there, we post news of the latest Disney deals and specials, as well as share from our personal Disney experiences.  Lots of big pictures and fun over there!

So, there you have it.  When you don’t see me over here on my personal blog, it’s likely because I’m busy blogging somewhere else.  No matter where I might be on the web, though, I’m always blogging from the heart! 

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