Tuesday, June 12, 2012

50’s Prime Time Cafe

Day3Mom 042Another Tuesday rolls around . . . that means it’s time for another edition of Tuesday Trip Report.  Today, we’re going to break away from the “regular” reporting, to share a review of the 50’s Prime Time Café at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Day3Mom 044Upon entering this restaurant, you are immediately transported back in time to the 1950’s. Formica tables and old-fashioned televisions abound.  It reminded me of stepping into the set of Happy Days!  Once our names were called and we were seated at our table, we were excited for more! (the picture at left is a mirror image of the table we sat at, across the room for this one)

At the 50’s Prime Time Café, Mom is the chef, and it’s all about good, old-fashioned home-cookin’.  So, our first order of business was to decide what we wanted to eat.  (You can see the lunch/dinner menu here.)


We all wanted to try something different. In the picture above, Gracie tried the chicken, I went with the pork, Ashley had the meatloaf, and Brian got the pot roast. This way, we could try each others’ dinners!  It was all very good.  Mine was probably my least favorite.

Ian, of course, ordered from the kids’ menu.


We were served by “Aunt Debbie”, who was just great!  She was constantly watching to make sure we had decent table manners – no elbows on the table!  And before dessert, she wanted to make sure that we had cleared our plates.  Ashley had a little knowledge about what might happen if she didn’t, so she fed her green beans to Brian during dinner.  Gracie, on the other hand, was fed a bite of her greens by Aunt Debbie, who insisted that she at least try one bite.  Poor kid! She was a good sport about it though.

Brian and I were wearing our Happy Anniversary pins, so she came out at one point with a little gift for us – 2 of the light-up ice cubes.  Later, she came back out and gave me a light-up Tinkerbell as well.  We still have them – in fact, Tink is clipped to the pen holder at my desk, so I see her every day and am reminded of this yummy & fun dinner!

We were all stuffed from dinner; but, when you’re taking advantage of the Disney Dining Plan, you get dessert as well.


I think Gracie ate about 2 bites of her S’mores.  What a neat presentation though!  My Sundae was yummy, but would have been better without sprinkles and m&m’s (I think I got extra stuff because I was celebrating, because they were not listed on the menu as toppings!)  Ashley enjoyed her apple cobbler.  I must say here – both Ashley and Brian had milkshakes with their dinner – Brian even had a refill.  So his dessert milkshake was his 3rd milkshake of the evening!  LOL  (Ian had ice cream too.)

We each said we’d give the 50’s Prime Time Café 2 thumbs up and we’d all like to go  back again sometime. If you’re looking for a table service meal at Hollywood Studios, we’d all recommend this one. 


Lori said...

Don't forget the Boston Cream Pie Parfait for dessert!  Heaven in a dish- no joke!  I want one right now.;)  Lori

Secret mom thoughts said...

Those desserts look so delicious! We need to try this restaurant during our next trip.

Karen said...

We have always wanted to try this restaurant. Maybe one day we will try it. Glad to hear you liked it.

Sara-Jayne Jones said...

Hello Heidi!  I'm a new follower (and joiner-in'er on your Disney Color Party) :)  Sci-Fi is one of the places I haven't dined yet and we are going in October 2013 (Fantasy Cruise for H'we'en and time in the parks). After this I will be going with my little ones!


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