Friday, June 8, 2012

Disney in BLACK

DD button - other blogsFor this week’s Destination Disney topic, we are focusing on the color BLACK.

For our last trip, we made several sets of matching t-shirts.  Two of them were black:



While black may not be the best color choice for the Florida sun, it was just fine in January and our shirts made for a great conversation piece! 

We’re not really fans of Villians – but we did enjoy this exhibit that included some of our “Pirate friends”.

Day3Mom 030

The 50’s Prime Time Café in Disney’s Hollywood Studios contains many televisions, showing the old black & white shows.  Very fun!  (This coming Tuesday – the 12th – I’ll be posting a review of this restaurant, so be sure to stop back!)

Day3Mom 045

When you think of black at Disney, what comes to mind?


Lisa Cox said...

I love the matching t-shirts!!  Soooo fun!

DebSays said...

Love your shirts! The black & white TV's at Prime Time Cafe bring back such wonderful memories of growing up in the 50's. Thanks for the smiles!

MapleMouseMama said...

Your shirts are awesome Heidi!  I love them! I am really gonna have to get creative for our next trip and do something like that. And great idea on the black and whites from 50's!  I love that place!!


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