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Kutless ~ Believer

Confession:  we decided to extend our vacation by one more day, so we stayed home from church today.  But, you know what?  You can praise God anywhere!  And that’s one of the reasons why I love Christian music.  I’m sitting here singing along to the new cd by Kutless – Believer.  I’d love to tell you about this cd, and why I’ve come to really appreciate Kutless over the past few years. . .

The summer of 2009 was a trying time in my life.  We had recently gone through some heartbreaking and life-changing church changes.  Two of my friends were dealing with some major marital issues.  And my best friend was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I was driving along one day when a song came on the radio that really spoke to me where I was – it was "What Faith Can Do” by Kutless.  If you haven’t heard it, you’re missing out. 

I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains
Hope that doesn’t ever end
Even when the sky is falling
I’ve seen miracles just happen
Silent prayers get answered
Broken hearts become brand new
That’s what faith can do

By the next spring, we were sitting in a new church, both my friends were divorced, and my best friend Sue had just passed away.  One Sunday in church, I opened my notebook and copied the words of another Kutless song – “I’m Still Yours”.

If all my world was swept away
Would You be enough for me?
Would my beating heart still sing?

If I lost it all
Would my hands stay lifted
To the God who gives and takes away
If you take it all
This life You’ve given
Still my heart will sing to You

When my life is not what I expected
The plans I made have failed
When there’s nothing left to steal me away
Will You be enough for me?
Will my broken heart still sing?

24356_1386081450468_1726935_nThat same spring, Ashley and I had opportunity to go see Kutless in concert – opening for Casting Crowns.  We were blessed with meet & greet passes (thanks to Melanie Hall) and got to meet the guys from Kutless.  Listening to them sing these songs that meant so much to me was really very special and moving for me. 

AlbumItIsWellThat cd – It Is Well – is in my van to this day.  I still listen to it all the time.  Those songs still touch my heart and remind me that, even in bad times, God is there and worthy of my praise.

So, when I got an e-mail a few weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in listening to Kutless’s new cd – Believer – I said “sure!”  Not only was I anxious to hear what Kutless had to offer, but my kids were anxious for some new songs in the van!  (Thank goodness  our “new” van has a 6 cd changer!) 

Honestly, I should have written this review weeks ago.  But, I’ve been savoring this music.  I’ve been learning the songs and singing along.  I don’t think you can adequately share your thoughts on a cd until you know the songs through and through.  I’m ready now.  So, let me tell you about some of the songs on this cd and what they mean to me:

  • “Carry On” – I feel like this song was written for me.  2012  started out with some real challenges for me and this song applies. It’s ok for me to be weak because God is strong!

    There is strength in my weakness
    That only comes from You
    There is power in meekness
    That I have found in You
    Where else can I go

    You know I'm weak
    I know You're strong
    You say when I'm broken
    And can't carry on

    Carry on
    When all my strength is gone
    You're still holding on

  • “Even If the Healing Doesn’t Come” – when I first heard this song, I was reminded of my friend Sue and how she embraced the message in “What Faith Can Do”.  This song, to me, is a Part 2 to that song.  It’s what happens when God answers your prayers not in the way that you had hoped for.  It’s a message we all need to hear sometimes.

    Sometimes all we have to hold on to
    Is what we know is true of who You are
    So when the heartache hits like a hurricane
    That could never change who You are
    And we trust in who You are

    Even if the healing doesn’t come
    And life falls apart
    And dreams are still undone
    You are God You are good
    Forever faithful One
    Even if the healing
    Even if the healing doesn’t come

  • “Hero” – after the challenges that came earlier this year, I’ve had to work through a healing process.  With that, came new job opportunities and blessings beyond my wildest dreams.  This song reminds me that I have potential to change the world!

    Who ever told you you can’t win
    Who ever said that if you fail don’t try again
    It’s in the ordinary
    Deep in the weak and weary
    The power to overcome the fear you're holding in

    You could be a Hero
    You could be the change in this world

“Identity” – OK, wow!  Do these guys read minds?  Seriously, just a few weeks ago I posted over on Homeschool Mosaics about our identity and where it lies (and where it should lie).

I’ve been looking from the outside, outside
I’ve been walking on a straight line, straight line
Scared to let the world see my failures, who I am, or who I’ve been

I’ve been waiting for somebody else to
Take the chance that I am so afraid to
I don’t know how to find myself am I the only one the only one

Oh I wanna feel You move me like a river running through me
I am so tired of trying to prove it I’m never gonna do it alone
God I need You to be my identity

And those are just 4 of the 13 songs on this album.  Each one is special and unique – a “sermon in a song” as I like to refer to them.  I’m thrilled with this new cd.  It will be taking up residence in one of the 6 slots in my van’s cd player.  And I will be praising God each time I listen.

The press release for this album says: “With over two million albums sold, a RIAA Gold-selling album, AC Song of the Year in 2010, and 11 No. 1 radio singles, Kutless has transformed from that new rock band from Oregon to the one new bands look up to, the band whose music is all over the radio in multiple formats and on major tours. "Believer" finds Kutless using a decade of growth to deliver an expertly crafted set of songs with as much diversity in the music as there is consistency in the message. This album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart during street week as well as No. 1 on iTunes Christian Albums.”

I say: Thanks, Kutless, for bringing us another cd full of great songs! I look forward to many more great songs from you over the years to come! 

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