Monday, June 25, 2012

A World of White

DD button - other blogsThis week’s Destination Disney theme is the color WHITE. That means that we have to go through those wonderful Disney pictures and come up with some white things to share.  Here are some that I found:



Photo1339FourBySixDuffy’s sailor suit is white

MomPicturesDays&5 057 (2)
The frosting on the giant cinnamon bun is white

MomPicturesDays&5 134
Prince Charming looks dapper in his white jacket

MyPicsDays4&5 068
When you see this lovely white resort with the red roof, you just know you’re at Walt Disney World!

MomPicturesDays&5 040
It’s even white inside (which is probably why I always feel out of place in there!)

MomPicturesDays&5 043
White tea cup and pot at our lovely girls’ tea!

Disney World Day 2 2012 020
White clouds with a message!

Day2Mom 087
Mary Poppins looks so pretty in her fancy white dress

Day2Mom 096
Marie is the cutest white kitty ever!

Day2Mom 116
Ashley enjoyed this cupcake with white icing from Karamell Kuche

Day3Mom 018
Herbie is white . . .

Day3Mom 019
. . . and Walt’s plane is white.

The monorail is white (with a lovely orange stripe!)

And this DELCIOUS pina colada (sans alcohol) from the poolside bar at Coronado Springs is white! And yummy!

What about you?  Do you have any WHITE Disney pictures to share?  If so, post them on your blog – then come back to this post and link up.


Secret mom thoughts said...

Great white pics. Now I want a Disney cupcake too.

MapleMouseMama said...

Wonderful whites Heidi :-)  It seems we have a running theme with The Grand Floridian.  I would so love to stay there some day.  And Marie looks movie ever!


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