Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dutch Wonderland ~ A Kingdom for Kids

About 12 years ago, my family started what would become an August tradition for us --- the guys went to Iowa for a week of sprint-car racing each summer while the girls stayed home and did fun local things.  For us girls, that often involved spending a few days in Lancaster County – an area of our state that we love and visit as often as we can!

DutchWonderland-tileOne particular summer, while visiting Lancaster, we decided to take the girls to Dutch Wonderland (yes, this was before Ian came along, and back when Gracie was little and I still dressed the girls alike sometimes!)  Oh, the memories! 

But, what particularly stands out in my mind about that particular visit was that it was SO HOT we could barely breathe!  I remember standing under a sprinkler and wishing that I didn’t have to move from that spot.  It also sticks in my mind that my mom and I thought we had lost our marbles for taking the girls to an amusement park on what was the hottest day of August that summer. 

Ever since, I’ve been longing for a do-over.  Now, Ashley is 18 and way too old to even appreciate Dutch Wonderland anymore.  It’s definitely “a kingdom for kids” as their logo suggests.  Every time we pass by the park entrance, Ian asks when we can go there.  And I usually reply with something like “probably soon”. 

1329I’m not going to let another summer pass by without visiting. I’ll just hope and pray that we choose a day to visit that isn’t quite as hot as last time, so that we can actually relax, have fun, and enjoy everything that Dutch Wonderland has to offer. 

Have you been considering a trip to Dutch Wonderland with your little ones?  Great!  Because I’ve got some super-exciting deals to share with you today . . .

Dutch Wonderland is committed to making the “world behind the castle walls” a great place for kids and their families.  Since opening on May, 20, 1963, Dutch Wonderland has consistently been recognized as a premier family amusement park and has been voted one of the Top 5 Best Kid's Park in the World by Amusement Today magazine. Children will enjoy attractions like ChooChoo Charlie, Frog Hopper, Dragon's Lair, Duke's Lagoon and so much more.

Merlin Sign-logo updateAnd guess what is new for 2012?  (As a Disney character meal fan, I’m excited about this one.)  Merlin and friends host a magical buffet-style breakfast inside the Dutch Wonderland Castle. Guests will meet Princess Brooke, the Dutch Wonderland Knight, Duke and of course, Merlin as they enjoy a yummy breakfast fit for royalty! Food selections* include pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage links, bagels, fruit, cereal, milk, juice and coffee.

Thanks to Dutch Wonderland and US Family Guide, your family can take advantage of this great coupon valid for $5 savings off Royalty Admission price of $35.99, valid for up to 4 admissions.

* Merlin & Friends Breakfast requires advance reservations and is based on availability.   Please schedule as soon as possible to ensure your date.   Merlin & Friends Breakfast is held at the park from 9-10am each Friday-Sunday through September 2, 2012.

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