Monday, July 2, 2012

Save $7 at Idlewild & Soak Zone!

Idlewild (1)If you live in PA and you’re looking for a good way to beat some of this crazy summer heat we’ve been having lately, I’ve got a suggestion for you . . .

I’ve not yet been to Idlewild & Soak Zone in Ligonier, PA – but it sure does look like a great way to have fun and keep cool! 

idlewildphotoI was surprised when I clicked on the link to see all the attractions! Not only does it look like they have a nice assortment of rides, but there’s the water park addition AND the entertainment.  Looks like plenty to keep our family (of very varied ages) busy for a day. 

And guess what?  Thanks to the US Family Network, you can get $7 off the price of admission to Idlewild & Soak Zone! (Regular price is $33.95.)


Beth Green said...

awesome!  My mother in law grew up in Ligonier and my hubby would go to Idlewild Park in the summers when he visited family!!  We've talked about making a trip up there to let the boys experience this park! :)

Heidi Strawser said...

If ever you do, you'll have to let me know so that we can get together. It's about 3 hours from us. I'm anxious to check it out in a few weeks. :)

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