Monday, August 27, 2012

All That Glitters . . .

DD button - other blogsThis week marks the last week in our Destination Disney in COLOR series.  And, the color we’re focusing on is GOLD.  Yes, I admit, when I was putting the schedule today, I figured I’d save the sparkly color for last (though I did throw silver in toward the middle of the schedule).  So, what do we find at Disney that is GOLD?  Let’s see . . .

017 (2)
The cornbread at Hoop Dee Doo has a nice golden glow, don’t you think?  (And it’s delicious too!)

Disney World Day 2 2012 038
Rapunzel has lovely golden locks!

Day2Mom 003
Princess Aurora wears a gold necklace and a gold crown.

Day2Mom 041
Genie has gold wristbands.

Day2Mom 076
This shop sign – found in the U.K. Pavilion, contains a good bit of gold – in the form of a Hidden Mickey.

Day2Mom 115
Another Hidden Mickey, hidden in some gold (and silver).

Day2Mom 134
Duffy is sporting his new red and gold Asian outfit.  I wonder why?!

MomPicturesDays&5 074
See that stylish gold vest?

MomPicturesDays&5 120
A golden lamp.  Wish I could rub it right about now!

MyPicsDays4&5 046
And a golden camel!

MyPicsDays4&5 081
I love this sign at the entrance to the MK!  I’m so ready to see it next week!

MyPicsDays4&5 087
Gold on the carrousel.

MomsPicsDay5 022
A gold plate at Tusker House.

MomsPicsDay5 131
I wore a gold flower in my hair.

MomspicsDay7 020
Princess Jasmine’s outfit is adorned with gold.

There’s a lot more gold at Walt Disney World than you might have guessed, huh?  Did you post your gold pictures yet?  Don’t forget to link them up here.

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V No Privacy said...

Whoa, never noticed Sleeping Beauty's necklace before. Neat

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