Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Need new glasses?

Earlier this year, I was offered the opportunity to review a pair of prescription glasses from  I had recently had an eye doctor appointment; so, armed with my prescription in hand, I scoured their website for the perfect pair. 

I finally found a pair of glasses that I thought I would like and placed my order.  I was excited to receive my new eyeglasses in the mail.  Now, that I’ve resigned myself to the fact that contacts are out of the question for me, I love getting new, trendy glasses!

The kids and I left for a beach vacation early on a Saturday morning in June.  Later that day, I received a phone call from my husband, telling me that my new glasses had arrived. He asked if I wanted him to bring them along when he joined us the next day.  I told him that, of course, I did!  He proceeded to say something along the lines of “you aren’t going to like them!” 

018My husband doesn’t have much fashion sense, so I wasn’t too concerned.  He handed me the package the next day, and I was very impressed with the packaging.  Inside the envelope was this nice (and very sturdy) box ===>

I couldn’t wait to open it!

019Inside the box, your glasses come in a very good quality glasses case.  You also get a handy dandy cleaning cloth (I love to have one of these in my purse and beside my computer!)

But, when I opened the case and saw the glasses, I soon realized that my hubby was right – I hated the glasses. 

020What I thought was an oblong (oval shape) was actually a very round shaped frame.  I wanted so badly to have a great experience with GlassesUSA and these glasses, in particular; but, I put them on my face and . . . YUCK!  The girls told me I wasn’t allowed out of the house in them – that they were “old ladyish” – and I had to agree. 

I wrote my contact at GlassesUSA to explain.  She quickly put me in touch with Sam in Customer Service.  Bless his heart, he went above and beyond the call of duty!  He called here several times and I was never home (it’s been a horribly busy summer!)  Finally, after several weeks, we were able to speak to one another. 

He helped me to find another pair of glasses in the size that I knew I needed.  He was very understanding of my needs, and quite helpful.  He suggested a pair of black frames.  In the past, I’ve had some black frames that I felt were too dark and bold, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But, he was so kind that I thought it was worth another try.

016My new glasses arrived on Monday and I love them!  They are the perfect size and fit very comfortably on my face, ears, etc.  While I have 2 other pairs of glasses, these have quickly become my new favorite and will be my everyday go-to pair.  The frames aren’t very wide, so I don’t feel like they overpower my face with bold black.  (Sorry about the glare on the picture – but you can tell by the smile that I like these glasses!)

Based on my personal experience with GlassesUSA, I’d highly recommend them!  If you need to buy glasses, be sure to check them out.  Their customer service is great!  And the quality of the glasses (and other products) is top-notch.  They have some current discounts and promotions that you’ll want to check out before placing your order – be sure to take advantage of one of them!

Oh, and one of my favorite features (that I am pleased to get to share with you here on my blog) is the Virtual Mirror.  You can upload a straight-on headshot of yourself (without glasses, of course) – then you can “try on” different styles of glasses to see what they will look like on you.  Test it out, then let me know what glasses are your favorites!

NOTE: I received the glasses mentioned above for free in exchange for my posting about my experience with on my blog.  I never post about products and services that I haven’t first tried personally and had a good experience with.

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Breezy Point Mom said...

We have been getting all our glasses from Zenni optical for about 5 years, now. We have generally been very happy, and they are cheaper than this company. Try them out some time, even for an emergency pair.

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