Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Smiley360 “Capture Your Summer” Contest”

It’s August 8th already!  Why does summer always pass so quickly?!  Ours has been extremely busy – so that always seems to make time fly faster.  It’s been fun though.  How about yours? 

Recently, I was asked by Smiley360 to share some of our most special, memorable moments from this past summer.  I’d like to share a special moment from each of my 3 children . . .

My oldest daughter, Ashley (18) was thrilled to have her friend from New York come down and visit with us for a week.  We made lots of plans and took her to lots of fun places here in PA.  The girls had a great time together!


My daughter Gracie celebrated her 12th birthday this summer. It’s hard to believe that the tiny baby that we brought home from Vietnam is going to be a teenager next year!  Time flies!  Gracie loves our annual trip to Ocean City, New Jersey – and it’s a good thing, since we celebrate her birthday there each year!


While Ian can find pleasure in almost anything, the absolute highlight of his summer had to be meeting the Marvel Super Heroes at Idlewild park last month! 


Yes, we have most definitely had a great summer!  And we’re not even done yet!  Fall doesn’t start until September 22nd, so we’ve got a visit to Dutch Wonderland, a wedding, several visits with family and friends, and a trip to Walt Disney World to look forward to. 

What has been the highlight of YOUR summer?  Please do share with me!

NOTE: I wrote this post as my entry into The Smiley360 “Capture Your Summer” Contest. As a member of the Smiley Blogger Circle, I am eligible to win a prize.  If you’d like to join Smiley360, you can do so here.


Jmodio said...

Thanks for sharing Heidi!

Angie Bailey said...

Great post! It sounds like you've had lots of fun this summer with lots more planned. We went to Virginia Beach this summer and my parents actually came along. It was the first time vacationing together with them. School starts back soon so my man is taking our kids on a relaxing fishing trip today. Wish I could join them but work duty calls! : )

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