Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last Thursday . . .

Thursday was our day at the Magic Kingdom.  Let’s face it, no trip to Walt Disney World is complete without a visit to this park.  I know many people who visit this park first every time.  There’s just something really special about seeing the castle in the distance, and that stroll down Main Street that is so idyllic. 

We were excited to see the park all decorated for fall.  Having never visited at this time before, we’d only ever heard (and seen pictures) of how wonderful it looks.  This time, we got to experience it!  I love fall and wish they would sell these awesome Mickey-pumpkin wreaths in the gift shops!  I’d love one for my front door!


The kids and I hopped in line to meet Mickey & Minnie first thing.  While in line, Gracie noticed that Rapunzel was in the Princess Meet & Greet.  Ashley is a die-hard Rapunzel fan and has been wanting to meet her for awhile now; so we hopped in that line afterwards and met her, Aurora, and Cinderella.  (I’ll share pictures of our meet-ups when we get our Photopass cd.)

Next, we headed to meet up with our friends from 3D Travel for The Ultimate Field Trip Scavenger Hunt.  We divided into teams of 10-12 members each and went up and down Main Street to find the answers, collect the objects, and  get pictures of the things on the list.  It was great fun, though a bit crazy!  Our team came in 2nd place overall!


One of the required items was to get a picture of a Photopass photographer in front of the castle.  Ian and my friend Amy’s little girl hopped in the picture with him to make it more special!  We chose the right photographer as he totally played along and was great fun!  I assigned Ian to a “partner” for the hunt – we were moving so fast and I knew I could never keep track of him (so this second picture is Ian with his friend Daniel).  Here’s a picture of our whole team on the bleachers at Casey’s (another required picture):


After the hunt, we ate lunch at Colonial Harbor House Restaurant in Liberty Square.  I had the Lighthouse Sandwich and really enjoyed it.  (In fact, I just bought the stuff to try to recreate it here at home!)  From there, we spent some time hanging out with my friend Amy and her kids – taking in some favorite rides and attractions.


Later, we saw Kutless doing an interview in front of the  castle, visited the new Fantasyland expansion (Storybook Circus) on the pouring down rain (complete with Disney ponchos!), and took our obligatory million pictures of the castle from various angles!




We left the park to head over to the Polynesian for supper at one of our favorites – ‘Ohana.  Yum!



Mikki said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!! So much fun. And you got to see Kutless. Very cool. Still sorry we didn't get a chance to hook up... maybe next time. :-)

Heidi Strawser said...

Ashley and I actually got to meet Kutless a couple of years ago, so it was extra cool to see them in the park like that. It was like running into an old friend!

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