Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Last Tuesday . . .

We woke up in a very warm hotel room.  Despite the fact that we had the thermostat set to the low 70’s somewhere, it was like 76 in the room.  So, we lowered the setting and as we lowered it, the heat continued to rise.  It didn’t help that I my ears had closed on the plane and were still closed!  Add to that the fact that the hair dryer in the room had about no power, and we had a pretty miserable morning trying to get up and out the door for our day at Epcot. 

I very rarely complain about anything Disney-related; but I did call the front desk that morning to complain – I mean there was NO WAY we could spend the week in a room where the a.c. wasn’t working.  A mousekeeper prompting arrived to check our hair dryer and bring us a 2nd one to use.  However, by the time we left the room, we still hadn’t seen anyone come by to look into the a.c./thermostat issue.

Once at Epcot, our first stop was The Land Pavilion.  When it comes to Future World, it’s my favorite pavilion.  There was a 5 minute walk for Soarin’ (not a “wait” because it takes about that long to walk from the entrance to the actual ride) – so we walked right on!  Then, we headed to what is one of my favorite attractions – Living with the Land. 


A quick trip through The Seas with Nemo and Friends was next.  Then, we slowly strolled back toward World Showcase, where we had an 11:45 reservation at Le Cellier.  It wasn’t quite 11 when we got back to the World, so we sat on a bench for awhile, just soaking in the atmosphere – I adore World Showcase and am perfectly content to just sit and “be” back there! 

We spent some time in a gift shop, where Ian because quite friendly with a cast member who had complimented our button shirts (she said she had never seen anything like them and they were truly unique).  Then, we headed to Canada for some pictures, a Kidcot Stop, and off to Le Cellier to check in.


We were able to snap an empty picture of the restaurant before it filled up with Guests.  I can now see why this restaurant is so popular.  Even though my ears were closed up and I could barely breathe, I was able to taste my food enough to know it was top-notch! We will definitely be dining here again in the future – Brian would love it!


After lunch, we took some time touring World Showcase – seeing and visiting some of our favorite things, and taking in some new things that we hadn’t seen/done in the past. 


I just adore this park and as many times as I’ve said that I’d like to LIVE at Walt Disney World, this is definitely the park I’d want to live in.  I don’t think I could ever tire of it.  There’s so much to see and do and take in, and it’s ever-changing. 

And, at the end of the day, if you’ve taken nothing more than pictures of “the giant ball”, it’s all good!


We decided to head back to our room early to check on the air conditioner.  Despite the fact that we could tell that the thermostat had been adjusted, it was still very warm in the room.  So, I called my travel agent (and friend), Kim.  She immediately called someone at the resort and got things moving!  They called me from the front to tell me someone was coming to check the a.c.; but I told them that had already been done earlier in the day and asked to please be moved to a new room. 

Thankfully, the new room was not only cooler (praise God!) but it was also much closer to the main building (think gift shop, dining hall, and bus stop)! And, during the moving process, my ear FINALLY opened up!

We hopped a bus to Downtown Disney to meet Kim and her family for supper at our favorite – Earl of Sandwich!  From there, they graciously drove me to the grocery store at The Crossroads, so that I could pick up more sinus medication, and took us back to our resort.  (Gotta love friends – especially ones with cars on property!) 

Needless to say, we all pretty much dropped into bed that night! 


Jodi Whisenhunt said...

Still can't believe I missed you all week, especially at Epcot on Tuesday! Although, I did meet Ashley in the restroom - and I love those button shirts too! We also really enjoyed those steaks at LeCellier & will be going there again for sure. Hope you're feeling better! My son's, my husband's, and my sinuses are all clogged up now that we're home - ugh.

Heidi Strawser said...

Oh, Jodi - I am so sad that we didn't get to see and spend more time together last week. We totally NEEDED a picture - so we'll just have to plan to meet up again one day. I wish we lived closer because it was quite clear that our little guys would get along splendidly. In fact, several times since we met you, Ian has mentioned "my friend with the Lego Crocs". (Don't tell - but I think Ashley is going to order him a pair for Christmas!)
Those steaks were awesome! It is rare that I finish a steak dinner, but I ate every last bite of that mushroom filet; and if it wouldn't have been inappropriate, I'd have licked the plate clean! LOL I'd like to try it again sometime when my sense of taste is better!
Hope you are feeling better soon! Gracie, Ian, and I are all dealing with the sinus stuff now.

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