Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just do it already!

This week, as part of our Destination Disney in QUOTES series, we are focusing on this quote:


Notice the background image on this graphic – it’s part of the new Fantasyland expansion project at Walt Disney World.  We took this picture on our last visit.  It reminded me so much of the quote – Disney is always seeking ways to expand, grow, and change.  Sure, they make plans; but then they put those plans into action.  Very soon, these plans will be reality, as the new Fantasyland will be totally unveiled in a very short time!  I, for one, can’t wait to see it!

But, this quote really hit home for me.  You see, I’m a professed plan-a-holic.  It’s true.  My name is Heidi and I like to plan.  A LOT. 

And I’ve always said that, especially when planning our Disney trips, 1/2 the fun is in the planning.  It’s a way for me to extend the vacation fun so that it lasts all the time and not just on the few too-short days of our actual visit. 

But, planning can sometimes be a hindrance.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the planning that I tend to feel like I miss the actual event.  I've felt like this many years after the holidays.  I’m left wondering where the days went because I was so caught up in the planning that I lost sight of what was really important. 

I used to be like that with our homeschool too – I’d spend so much time (months!) planning everything out, only to end up disappointed if things didn’t go exactly the way I had planned.  I’ve certainly learned to relax where our school plans are concerned!

But, Walt is right – he hit the nail head on with this quote – planning is ok, but it needs to go one step further.  I need this reminder – daily!  Take my plans and put them into action! 

What about you?


Mindy Richburg Brasher said...

Right there with you Heidi. I am a plan-a-holic and often end up disappointed because my plans didn't go the way I 'planned' them. I have learned that I must stop and ask God how He wants me to plan instead of leaning on my own understanding. Thank you for this reminder today.

Steve Burns said...

Over the last few years, we have almost completely stopped planning our Disney trips. That way, we have much more unexpected fun, and not as much disappointment when things don't go like we planned for them to go. Some planning is good, of course - there are some things that need to be taken care of ahead of time. But sometimes just going and doing is good, too.

Heidi Strawser said...

Steve~ I've really relaxed with my Disney planning too. We've been fortunate enough to be able to go more often lately, so we've been able to be more relaxed on our trips too - not so much rushing to make sure we see and do everything on a list. I like it better this way! But, I'm still a planner at heart!

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