Monday, October 22, 2012

Moving Forward --- new doors, new paths

Quote 6This week’s quote for our Destination Disney meme is one of my favorites from Walt Disney ===>

To me, this quote can be applied to so many areas in life, but I’m going to apply it to mine in the 2 areas that I seem to be the most focused right now --- my kids and homeschooling, and my job. . .

Ever since Gracie was a tiny little thing, I dreamed of her one day playing the violin.  Any time I would mention it, though, she would say she wasn’t interested.  She wanted to take piano lessons instead – so, she did.  Then, one day, out of the clear blue (and after I had long given up on having a violinist in my family), she came to me and said “You know, I think I would like to try the violin now.”

Why?  Because she had a good musical foundation by that time, and she was struck with curiosity . . . what might the violin be like? 

We were fortunate enough to get her in with an excellent violin teacher, and she’s been doing great with both violin and piano!  Her curiosity definitely led her down new paths, as she’s playing with the Central PA Homeschool Orchestra for the second year now!

As for me, I talked a bit about my new work adventures in last week’s post.

When we’re curious, it gives us new ideas.  New ideas lead us down new paths and through new doors. 

True, those doors don’t always open to success.  But, many times, they do.  We just need to do as Walt suggests in the quote and KEEP MOVING FORWARD.  No looking back at the things that maybe didn’t work out quite as planned.  Those things are all part of the process that led you to TODAY!  So, it’s all good! 

What are your thoughts on this week’s quote?  Share them on your blog and come back to this post to link up.

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