Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Beginner’s Bible App for iPad

I’ve  been a long-time fan of The Beginner’s Bible.  Both my girls (now 18 and 12) received copies of the Bible when they were dedicated.  Those Bibles got a LOT of use over the years, as we’d read the stories over and over again at bedtime. 

homeSo, I was excited when I heard that they had released a new app for the iPad.  Ian loves playing on the Ipad, so I figured he would enjoy the app.   Here’s a bit about the app from the website:

The bestselling Bible storybook of all time with over 6 million copies sold is now available in an iPad app that includes enhanced audio with compelling narration, music, and sound effects that help bring 94 Bible stories to life like never before.

With Bible characters you can touch, coloring pages, puzzles, and games, this special iPad edition of The Beginner’s Bible brings God’s Word to children ages 2-6 in an engaging and interactive way.

photo2Ian is 6 now, so he’s on the upper end of the suggested age range.  He played for awhile, but soon tired of it. 

I have to admit that even I had fun with the coloring pages!  I love those!

You can download the first “Story Pack”, which includes 6 stories, coloring pages, puzzles, and game, is included in your app download, completely FREE!

Unlock all story packs of 6 Bible stories each with coloring pages, puzzles, and games with in-app purchases of only $1.99 each. The second Story Pack is available for in-app purchase now with additional Story Packs releasing between now and the next three to five months.

Check it out for yourself (and your little ones)!

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