Monday, October 15, 2012

Think, think, THINK!

For this week’s Destination Disney in Quotes, we’re focusing on this one, from our friend Winnie-the-Pooh.

pooh quote

What this quote means to me . . .

Almost a year ago now, my friend Brenda and I felt led to quit our jobs.  We worked together heading up a product review team.  It was a very hard job to walk away from because we both really liked what we were doing. 

But, I have to confess something . . . there were times when we felt so limited in what we actually COULD do.  We both had ideas swirling around in our heads – things that would be beneficial for the team and make things better and more efficient.  Some of them, we were able to put into practice; but others were simply tucked away in the recesses of our minds because we didn’t have the means, resources, or permission to put them into practice.

Sometimes God has other things in store for us . . . things we might have no clue about because we can’t see the bigger picture.  But, He knows each step of the path we take in this life.  And sometimes, looking back, it becomes so obvious why events played out the way they did (even if, at the time, it seemed traumatic or heartbreaking). 

Now, Brenda and I are at a place in our lives where we can make use of our ideas.  They are OURS.  And we don’t have to run them by anyone else to see if they are good, workable ideas.  We bounce them off each other – and, sometimes, we help each other take those ideas and make them into something even better. 

HMButton125x125Earlier this year, with the help of a circle of phenomenal friends, we launched our first idea – the website called Homeschool Mosaics.  If you’re a homeschooler, and you haven’t visited this site yet, you’re seriously missing out!  We’ve got a team of 35 writers now – and each month we bring you articles about all areas of homeschooling – whether you’re just starting out with preschoolers or you’re nearing the end of your homeschool journey, whether you’re an all-textbook-all-the-time homeschooler or an unschooler, there’s something for everyone on this site!

Now, we’re at a point where we’re getting ready to launch another new project.  I  can’t really give details now . . . but the announcement will be hitting the blogosphere in the next few weeks.  And we’re really excited about it! 

Why?  Because we’ve been digging deeper!  We’ve been thinking of things that we’ve never thought of before!  And we’re excited to be able to put those ideas into practice!

Sometimes ideas are put into practice and the results are success.  Other times, failure.  Or maybe somewhere in between – the project just doesn’t live up to expectations.  No matter what, though, it’s always a learning experience.  Whether we succeed or fail at something, as long as we take what we’ve learned from the experience, pick ourselves up, brush off the so-called dirt, and move forward, using our experiences toward the next big thing, we’re always a success! 

What are your thoughts on this quote?  I’d love to hear them.  Either leave me a comment below, or post about them on your blog, then come back to this post and link up.  (You don’t have to be a Disney lover to take part in this meme!)

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