Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Experiencing Lincoln

Several weeks ago, I posted about my anticipation of the soon-to-be-released film, Lincoln


Ashley and I found ourselves with some free time in our schedules this past Sunday afternoon – so we set out to see it.  Here was my FB status afterwards:

Despite the fact that the theater was packed and Ashley and I ended up in the 2nd row (HATE sitting up front!), we really, really enjoyed Lincoln. It's totally worth your time and money to see it. Highly recommend.

Yes, I hate sitting up front.  Yes, I hate crowded theaters.  I had all intentions of complaining afterwards that they would hold such a popular movie in one of the older, smaller theaters (while I believe the new Twilight film was being shown in not one – but two – of the newer, larger theaters).  Ggrrrr!!!  To me, that is just a sad commentary of our times.

But, I quickly became so engrossed in the movie and the story that was being so realistically portrayed in front of me, that I forgot all of my complaints. 

Gracie was interested in seeing the movie also, but wasn't sure about the PG-13 rating.  While there was some bad language used during the film, it was very understated (and, quite frankly, used at appropriate times).  I have been so frustrated during other films with a seemingly decent story that Hollywood seems to ruin by throwing in bad language, just because.  In this true story, which is set during a horrific time in our country’s history, I see the reason for any bad language that was used. 

There were certainly visions of war that were not pretty – there were scenes of many, many dead bodies scattered on battlefields.  There was a scene where Lincoln’s son Robert witnessed some medical employees dumping a large mound of amputated body parts.  It wasn’t easy to see – but it was factual. 

I would have no problem bringing this movie into our home.  I think Gracie could have handled this movie with no problem.  And, I think it is an important movie for we Americans to see.  Our country has strayed so far over the past 150 years. 

I would venture to guess that there were probably plenty of 12 year olds down the hall, watching movies about vampires.  Yet, the media would suggest shielding them from TRUTH? 

(I’m currently reading a little book called What Would Our Founding Fathers Think? by David Bowman that is cementing this idea into my head.  Our founding fathers would, no doubt, be ashamed of what we’ve done to the country that they worked so hard to establish.  Watch for a review of this book – coming soon – at Homeschool Mosaics.)

If you can get out to see this movie in theaters, I’d encourage you to do it.  I’m tempted to go back and see it again – sitting further back in the theater so I can really take it all in this time.  If Daniel Day Lewis doesn’t receive an Academy Award for this portrayal, there’s something wrong! 


Have you seen Lincoln?  What are your thoughts?

If you’re planning to share this movie with young people, there’s a neat book that’s been written as an accompaniment to the film that would be great to check out.  Click on the book cover at right for more information or to purchase (affiliate link used).


Mindy Richburg Brasher said...

I completely agree with you about the frustration of inappropriate language when not necessary. Thank you for sharing this. I am thinking about taking my son.

Janet said...

I have every intention of going to see this movie. Thank you for your review and insights. Our boys are 13 and 16 and well... they are men too.

:) Janet

Kela Nellums said...

We plan on seeing the movie anyway, but I'm glad that I came to your review! Now I'm REALLY ready to see it! :)

Steve Burns said...

Thanks for your review! I have been looking forward to this one. Not sure if we will get to the theater to see it, but I'm hoping. If not, I will definitely see it on blu-ray.

Carrie said...

I just saw this last night...the hardest scene to watch in my opinion is at the very beginning...the guy stepping on the other's face..that could be a hard image for some...
I went with a friend who saw it before...she said she got more of the story this time...I know that is always true, but I felt like I kept trying to figure out who people were...and then the story had moved I may try to go again as well...I thought it was very well done, but I do have a hard time seeing President Lincoln using the F word...maybe just my fairy tale mind...
It was well done!

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