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Esio Hot & Cold Beverage Dispenser

esioRecently, my family was introduced to a new kind of drink machine – the Esio Hot & Cold Beverage Dispenser.  We own a SodaStream, which the kids just love; and I’ve been eyeing up the single serve coffee machines for quite awhile.  So, we were all excited to see what this new drink machine would be like. 

We received the machine a few weeks ago, so we’ve been trying it out as a family before sharing it at our “Drinks on Us” party.  We were surprised by the size of the machine – it’s actually quite larger.  We have it sitting beside our microwave and the Esio is actually taller than the microwave. While not quite as wide as our microwave, it’s longer from front to back also. 

We received a variety of drink mixes to try.  I was actually surprised with the variety of drinks that are available.  The kids have really been enjoying the cold beverages; but I would have preferred a larger selection of hot drink mixes (more coffees, hot teas, hot chocolate, and hot cider). 


I was so impressed with how easy this machine is to operate.  You simply fill it with water and the machine runs to keep the water cold (so you can also use it to dispense just cold water, if you like – since we don’t have a water dispenser on our refrigerator, this is a plus!)  The machine also heats the water – which, in addition to the coffee drinks, is also great for making instant oatmeal, tea with teabags, etc.

Each multi-serve e-pack will make up to 14 8-oz. drinks.  And the cool thing is that you can change them out between every drink, without having to worry about the flavors mixing, etc. 

In order to demonstrate how simple the Esio is to operate, I thought I’d have my 6-year-old son show you:

We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give it a good test run at my family’s Christmas Eve gathering.  My parents host this event each year.  There were 9 adults and 7 children in attendance (ranging in age from 2-12). 

Since we had already used up several of the e-packs, we were happy to find out that they are available to purchase at Wal-mart.  Brian headed out one evening and stocked up so we’d have plenty to share at the party!  Here are a few pictures of my 12-year-old daughter enjoying the ease of a personalized drink:




So what are our thoughts? 

  • The kids love the drink mixes. 
  • I wish for a few more hot drink choices.
  • The machine is larger than I’d have liked for in-home use (seems more appropriate for an office beverage machine).
  • I love that the drink pouches are available locally at Wal-mart.
  • The machine is heavy and bulky to move (especially when it still has water in it!)
  • I love the ease of use – especially for kids.
  • I think it’s great that you can swap from one drink mix to another without having to worry about washing the machine between flavors, etc.
  • I am very impressed with the “strength meter” – a dial that you can use to adjust the strength of the drink, to taste.
  • All of the drinks (with the exception of the coffee) are ones that I’m ok with serving my children.  They aren’t full of sugar and they don’t contain aspartame (which my oldest daughter is allergic too).
  • It’s great for entertaining because everyone can drink exactly what they like, in the strength they like. 

While I probably wouldn’t go out and buy one – simply for the size alone – I would recommend it, especially if you have a large home with plenty of counter space, and are looking for a drink machine that the whole family can use. 

Do you have an Esio machine?  What are your thoughts?

NOTE: I received the above-mentioned product for free from Esio and BSM Media, in exchange for my personal use and posting about it on my blog.  I was not obligated to write a positive post, I only share products that I have used and believe would be of benefit to my readers, and I was not compensated in any other way.

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Tara said...

Never heard of it before, but it looks like a really neat machine.

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