Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thanks, Suave!

For the past several years, my family has spent very little money on health and beauty aids.  There was a “local” grocery store that would double $1 coupons.  (I saw “local” because it was actually about an hour away.)  I would save up all my $1 coupons and we’d head in that direction about once a month and stock up on both food items and health and beauty items.  $2 off most of those things makes them anywhere from free to $2, depending on brand.  For my family, it was like an adventure to see how much we could save, and our linen closet in the upstairs hallway was always well-stocked with goodies.

That ended this past spring, though.  The store announced that they would only double up to 99 cents and it’s not worth it for us to run up there anymore.  Our supply was starting to dwindle, so Ashley and I stocked up on some goodies in November.  Then, Brian and I decided that it was time to start filling stockings with practical goodies that we’ll be needing throughout the year anyway. 

And that’s when I discovered this:


Back in November, after a shopping trip to Lancaster with Ashley, I had posted this on my FB wall:

Great morning at church, relaxing afternoon, nice visit with my parents, yummy homemade burgers (thanks to Ashley). Now, I think it's time for a bubble bath with my Winter Candy Apple goodies from Bath & Body Works!

To think when I bought them the girl said "You know you can mix and match the scents?" Really?! Why would I want to? The very last gift I received from my friend Sue was a Winter Candy Apple hand lotion that I carried in my purse and farmed out for as long as is humanly possible - now I try to replenish my supply every winter!

I guess you could say I’m a bit addicted to the Winter Candy Apple stuff from Bath & Body Works.  But, let’s face it, unless they are running a good sale or you’ve received a coupon in the mail, their stuff tends to run a bit on the pricey side. 

Since we’re cheap and have gone back to using the affordable Suave products, I was beyond thrilled to see that they had introduced a Candy Apple fragrance of their own!  As it turns out, thanks to their FB page, I realized this was actually a FALL scent, not a winter one – which explains why there were only 3 left on the shelf at Wal-mart (and, yes, I  bought them all!)

Honestly, I think they smell very similar.  I’ve been using it for bubble bath and it’s awesome! And at $1.50 for that GIANT bottle, I can totally justify buying a bunch of  them at a time!  (I hope they bring it out again next year, so I can buy more!) 

Do you have a favorite Suave product or scent?  (We’re also quite fond of the coconut.)

Oh, and lest you think that I’m badmouthing Bath & Body Works in this post, I’m totally not.  I love that place!  And I’ll still be shopping there for my Winter Candy Apple body spray and lotion! 

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