Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What’s Holding YOU Down?

This week’s Destination Disney quote is a very profound one, especially coming from someone so tiny . . .

Quote 12

I’ve been pondering this one all week.  But, alas, tomorrow is the day to post a new quote; so I need to stop thinking and start typing! 

When I think about Dumbo, his ears were the  bane of his existence.  He hated them.  They got in his way all the time.  They were different.  And, he was ashamed of them.  Yet, as it turned out, there were the very thing that he ended up using to fly. 

There’s a lesson in there for us.  I’m trying to think of specific examples of this in my own life . . .

One large example was infertility and pregnancy loss.  If you’ve ever dealt with infertility, then you know what an emotional roller-coaster it can be.  It’s definitely a downer most of the time.  I went through several years of infertility before finding out we were pregnant with Baby #2, only to have the pregnancy end (it was an ectopic pregnancy that went undetected and ruptured – causing near death).  In any case, I remember being VERY down afterwards.  But, as a result, it encouraged us to pursue adoption.  So, the very thing that was holding me down absolutely did end up lifting me up in that case (and again about 6 years later!)

Sometimes maybe things hold us down that we don’t even realize.  I had a job like that.  I thought it was wonderful at the time, yet in hindsight I realize how much it was limiting me from being who God would have me to be.  Once I let go of that job and the hold it had on me, I was able to literally soar to new heights – both personally and professionally. 

Other times, I think we’re held back because of our comfort levels.  Maybe we’re missing out on a great opportunity because we’re too scared to talk out in a group, sing in public, drive into the city, or just whatever.  These are just a few personal examples of things that used to (or still do) hold me down. 

I don’t know what may be holding you down; but I do know that you CAN FLY! 

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