Monday, January 8, 2007

Knowledge Box Central

Last week, I shared a review that I did for Homeschool E-store, focusing on products by Amanda Bennett. This week, I thought I'd share another review~ this one focusing on products by Knowledge Box Central. Wow~ did I ever have fun reviewing these products! (As a matter of fact, we're still using many of them!) Jump on over to Homeschool E-store and check them out for yourself. (Since I wrote the review, they have uploaded some new lapbook kits~ Thanksgiving games and Astronomy games~ for preschool and early elementary ages.) Knowledge Box Central

Author: Heidi Strawser

September 19, 2006

I am really impressed with the products by Knowledge Box Central. My children and I added lapbooking to our homeschooling last year; we all love the hands-on approach to learning, and I can see a significant improvement in their ability to remember things since using this approach. Even though I find lapbooking to be a wonderful addition to our schooling, I will admit that the planning and actual construction of a lapbook can take a huge amount of research and time.

Knowledge Box Central has provided the perfect solution! They have created lapbook kits which contain detailed instructions on how to assemble the lapbook, layouts so you know exactly where to place each mini-book within the lapbook, and the actual mini-books (all you do is cut them out, assemble according to the directions, and add the appropriate information). In addition to all that, they also include an "Information Packet" filled with all the information you need to complete the mini-books; so, the research is all done for you! If, however, you prefer to do your own research, or have your children do the research, a list of websites for further study is also included.

The best thing about these Knowledge Box Central Lapbook Kits is that they are available for immediate download at Homeschool E-store (

Another Knowledge Box Central product, also available at Homeschool E-store, is copywork books. Copywork is a new concept for me; but the more I read about it, the more I see the benefits of adding copywork to our school routine. Homeschool E-store has 11 copywork books by Knowledge Box Central available. These range from topics of interest to early elementary students (such as "Child’s Garden of Verses" and "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp") right up through topics for high school students (topics related to government, etc.) By using these resources in your homeschool just 2-3 days a week, your child(ren) will "come to learn and possibly even memorize some of the greatest literature from our history."

Knowledge Box Central also offers notebooking pages. Homeschool E-store currently has these available in a basic set and an Egyptian-themed set. These pages are wonderful for elementary-aged children who do a lot of notebooking. Each page has a nice color picture on it, as well as lines to fill in with information on the topic. Again, these notebooking pages really take the planning and preparation time away from the parent, so that you have time to focus on the fun part of school.

If you are not familiar with the products by Knowledge Box Central, or if you are looking for ways to make your job as a homeschooling parent simpler or your school days more fun, please take the time to check out these great resources at! In our homeschool, we aren’t afraid to "go off on rabbit trails"; if there’s something my girls decide they want to learn more about, we can download a lapbook kit and get started right away (no shipping charges or long waits). Homeschool E-store currently has 15 lapbook kits available, including a MEGA starter kit full of ideas and templates. Some topics available are: butterflies, math facts, ancient cultures (several different ones available), the heart, automobiles, famous American Women, and many more.




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