Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Our Post-Placement Follow-Up Visit

I covet your prayers today~ we have our post-placement follow-up visit with our social worker this evening.  I'm fairly sure that it's basically a formality~ Ian's adoption was finalized in Vietnam and we already have our court date scheduled (March 27th) for his re-adoption here in Pennsylvania.  Anyway, I just pray that we'll all be relaxed this evening while the social worker is here with us~ he's a sweet guy and not too uptight~ so that is good.
Ian is growing and changing daily~ he's just too cute!  Not only is he pulling himself up to standing now, but he's "cruising" along things.  We bought him a push toy~ he's so funny watching him with it~ he looks like he's going to fall flat on his face~ but he somehow manages to remain standing (most of the time!)  10 1/2 months old already!  Only about 6 weeks 'til his birthday!
We've been blessed!

UPDATE:  Just wanted to say "thanks" to everyone who was praying for us last night.  Everything went fine.  I was sure it would, but we moms tend to worry anyway, don't we?    Anyway, now we're just holding tight til our re-adoption court date on March 27th~ again, hopefully just another formality (hoop to jump through, so to speak).

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