Saturday, May 12, 2007

TOS Reviewer, age 6

I shared this story with Kate already;  and, in so doing, I realized that it was much too cute not to share on my blog as well........
I picked up a few of the Magic Tree House books for Gracie yesterday at the CHAP convention.  Someone had recommended them for Gracie awhile back~ when I had asked for reading material suggestions for her.  She's read several now, and really enjoys them.  Actually, level-wise, they are a bit easy for her~ but she is loving the history-aspect of the stories.  I found (of course~ at my favorite place~ Homeschool E-store) some book studies using these books (from New Learning Publishing)~ so Gracie has been working on them for her reading (to finish out this school year).
She was showing all the new  books to my mom last night and proudly said, "I review them!"  My mom got this puzzled look on her face and said, "What?!"  It's obvious that Gracie hears a bit too much about doing reviews, isn't it?!    (Note: the name of my blog!) 
Anyway, we are anticipating the arrival of a bead set and a book about princesses to review for TOS (see sidebar).  Maybe we will allow Gracie to test her hand at doing some reviews of her own!  

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