Thursday, May 10, 2007

Notebooking Pages

I’ve recently discovered something........there are notebooking pages; and there are NOTEBOOKING PAGES! "What’s the difference?" you ask. Well, let me see if I can explain.......

We are not a strictly notebooking family, though we have used notebooking in various ways in our homeschooling. I love it, and think it’s a fantastic approach; but, let’s face it, it takes some work. I’ve seen, and tried, LOTS of different notebooking products- some have been helpful, others have been less-than-impressive.

The other week, I was introduced to something new in the world of notebooking (new to me, at least). Debra from has created notebooking pages that are, in my personal opinion, beyond compare! You can go to her website and check out these pages for yourself- she even offers FREE notebooking pages (click on the "Free Pages" tab at the top of the website). This is an awesome way for you to sample her pages; but, trust me, it will only leave you longing for more!

I am sampling the State Study Pages for my home state of Pennsylvania- this particular packet contains 37 notebooking pages including many different notebooking layouts, pages of cut-outs to add dimension to your notebooking (and/or lapbooking projects), along with 2 pages of suggested topics of study, directions, and some basic state facts. I am planning to use these pages with my daughter when we study PA history in the years to come. There are packets for all 50 states which can be purchased individually, as a set of 50, or as a set containing the original 13 colonies.

My 13-year old got excited when I showed her the Famous Composers Notebooking Pages. I’ll admit, despite good intentions, we just have trouble sticking with a music appreciation program. We’ve got this great book called Themes to Remember and the girls just love it. Many of the composers discussed in that book are included in this packet of notebooking pages. There are 24 composers included and a total of 96 notebooking pages. My girls are going to love adding these pages to our music notebooks!

The packet I am most excited about (so far) is the North American Birds Notebooking Pages. This set includes 172 pages for 42 of North America’s most popular bird species! I have a little girl at my house who is a huge bird watcher and she is going to go crazy over these pages! Debra has designed four fabulous layouts for each bird, including a full-page coloring sheet, a large coloring sheet with a few lines for writing below it, a page with a medium-sized coloring picture and space to document the bird’s name and other details along with a ½ sheet of space for writing other things, and a page similar to the last one with a 1/4 sheet for writing and a map to detail the bird’s migration habits. Wow! This packet is outstanding! It’s like nothing I have ever seen before! I am so excited to use these next year as we begin our study of the Flying Creatures.

If you are a notebooking family and you have not seen Debra’s site, please take the time to check it out- I know you’ll be impressed. If you are NOT a notebooking family, I urge you to check out these products- you’ll quickly become a notebooking family, trust me! The Notebooking Pages website is very user-friendly. You will find all the great notebooking products that I mentioned above, as well as sets on the presidents, history topics, other nature studies, copywork pages, and much more! While you’re there, take the time to read Debra’s Notebooking Information- she has an explanation of notebooking, as well as tips and tricks to make your notebooks look fantastic, and links to samples. Also, she’s included free printables and charts for your home and your school; and lots and lots of homeschooling helps (including links).

Oh, there’s one more thing......the price. Let’s just say, YOU’LL BE IMPRESSED! I’ve added Notebooking Pages to my list of favorites, and will be visiting (and buying often!)

*You can also purchase these notebooking packets through my favorite place~ Homeschool E-store. Check them out here.

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