Sunday, July 29, 2007

Carried Safely Home by Kristin Swick Wong

Recently, I have been so blessed. My review of the book The Adoption Network by Laura Christianson has opened so many doors for me. Through that review, I was blessed to meet Susan TeBos, co-author of Before You Were Mine. And, via Susan's website, I was introduced to Kristin Swick Wong, a fellow adoptive parent (of 2 children from Vietnam) and the author of Carried Safely Home. This book would become the third adoption-related book that I've had the honor of reviewing in just a few short weeks! It's hard to believe that I was feeling like it would be impossible for me to start an adoption ministry~ as it turns out, I've started one right here on my blog! Sometimes I think that when we feel the most inadequate, that's when God begins opening doors. You'll see, in my right sidebar, that I've recently become a member of a new online group called Adoption Writers~ be on the lookout for some more reviews of adoption-related books coming soon to my blog (as a direct result of that group!)

Anyway, back to my regularly scheduled review.........

Carried Safely Home by Kristin Swick Wong was a blessing to read! This book is not a self-help or do-it-yourself type book. Rather, it is an uplifting and encouraging book, written for and by an adoptive parent.

Kristin and her husband are the parents of four beautiful children~ two girls by birth, and two boys by adoption. This book really touched me, as her sons are both adopted from Vietnam, as are my two youngest children.

Kristin shares her adoption experiences in this book. But, it's not "just another story of someone else's adoption experience". Woven throughout the book are references from Scripture, relating the adoption experience directly to God's view of adoption and His adoption of us as His children. For every experience and feeling and thought that Kristin went through, she has tied it to a Scriptural reference. I was very impressed! As I was reading through it, I was remembering back to similar times in our adoption processes, to the things that I was thinking and feeling, and the ways in which I dealt with those feelings.

Because of that, I feel that this book would be fantastic for anyone who has adopted, as you can easily read it and relate to the things that Kristin is talking about throughout the book. However, I really feel that this book needs to be in the hands of every person who is thinking about adoption or is currently in the process. Though not marketed as a devotional-type book, I would highly recommend this as a daily read. I wish I had had this book when we were in the adoption process. I would have kept it by my bed, along with my Bible, and read a chapter of it each night. I think it would be a great way for in-the-process adoptive parents to end their day. If you've been there, you know how hard some days of the wait can be; what a way to end your day~ being reminded of God's perfect plan!

Through adoption, we can learn so very much about God, and about His plan for our lives. He makes some things perfectly clear to us in His Word~ one of those things is our responsibility to widows and orphans~ that might very well include taking an orphan into your home as your own. After all, isn't that exactly what God did for YOU when He accepted you as His son or daughter?

If you or someone you know is in the process of adopting a child, please consider purchasing this book. It would make a wonderful gift!

For more information on the book, and to read a note from Kristin to her readers, click here.

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