Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ian Signs!

A few weeks ago, I asked for feedback regarding teaching sign language to babies.  I so appreciate everyone who took the time to respond~ I carefully read through each comment and savored all of your advice.  I especially appreciated what Karen had to say~ she told me that a.) boys are different from girls, and b.) bi-lingual babies typically start speaking later than non-bi-lingual babies (even though Ian isn't truly bi-lingual, he did hear only Vietnamese for the first 7 months of his life).
The general consensus certainly seemed to be that it is a wise idea to teach singing to babies.  I'd like to get the Baby Einstein video that my friends Randi and Isabelle recommended.  And, I'd like to check into some of the books as well. 
In the meantime, I found this site to be very useful: Signing With Your Baby.  And, I also checked out a few words (like "thank you") on the asl website. 
I'm happy to report that Ian can now "say"/sign several words!  He's been doing "more" for awhile now, he does "ally-all" (which is a sign that we kinda made up~ but it's oh! so cute!), and tonight, for the first time, he did "milk".  Not only is it absolutely adorable to see him doing it, but it's also really made communicating his needs/wants so much easier for us to understand.  We're working on "thank you" but it's a little hard for him to sign when he's just been handed a drink or a snack.  I've also been trying to teach him the sign for "diaper", but he seems to prefer just going and getting a diaper and bringing it to me~ which works too.
Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone who responded to my question know that we're working with him, and he's doing great!  I'll have to see if I can get some pictures of him signing to share.

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