Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sign Language

Has anyone taught sign language to you baby and/or toddler?  I'm just curious.  Ian is almost 15 months old, and besides the common "mama" and "dada" that I think all little ones are capable of saying, he's not attempting to say anything else.  Don't get my wrong, I certainly don't think he should be talking in full sentences or anything~ neither of my girls did until between 2-3.  However, I do think he should soon be attempting some other words, such as "ball", etc. 
I got to thinking of a little guy that we would babysit on occasion and how he would come to me and do the little sign for "more" whenever he wanted more drink or more food.  I tried teaching this to Ian, and now when I say "do you want more?" he will do what looks more like a patty-cake than the actual sign~ but at least I know he learned and he's trying.
So, it got me wondering if anyone else here in the blogosphere has done this, and how it worked for you.  Please share your methods, any book(s) you might have used/read, and if you would recommend this or not (and why).  I'm very curious!

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