Friday, October 5, 2007

Ashley's turn . . .

If you read my previous post, I just want to add: back when Gracie was spouting off those funny lines on a daily basis, I felt so sad for Ashley. She was already a "tween" and her days of saying funny things were long gone. She still makes me smile alot, but it's not usually "bloggable". Last night was an exception........

Ashley and I decided to make a late-night run to the grocery store. Now, that is no easy feat, as we've been going to a grocery store about an hour away, and the drive requires a trip over a mountain (and I HATE mountain roads!) So, for our trip home, we each grabbed a soda and we were sharing a bag of our favorite snack~ Gardetto's Snack Mix (I'm curious how widespread that stuff is~ have you tried it?)

Anyway, we're heading up over the mountain on the way home and here's what I heard Ashley say: "I'm stuffed". Well, anyone who's ever driven over a mountain knows that your ears can play tricks on you when you're in a higher elevation! So, just to make sure I heard her correctly before I said "Go ahead and close up the bag" I asked "You're stuffed?"

She was quick to respond: "Oh no! You're not getting away with the rest of the bag that easy!" LOL Bless her heart! She had actually said "I'm stuck." (And now you know how much we love Gardetto's! Too bad this isn't a paid post!)

[And "why?" you ask, do I travel so far away for my groceries? Good question! Well, there's a local grocery store chain that we like to shop at and I'm even a part of their online community (which earns me $10 a month toward my grocery purchases). They have one store (that I know of) that offers DOUBLE DOLLAR coupons~ so if I have a $1 coupon for a product, I actually get $2 off! It's so worth the trip~ last night our bill rang up $180 and we ended up paying $76! And THAT'S the rest of the story!]

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