Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Today is ...

......a very special day in our family's history.
7 years ago today,
Brian and I went to the Bac Ninh Nurturing Center
and met our daughter Gracie for the very first time.

In August of 2000, after a 6-month wait,
we received our referral of a 6-week old baby girl.

We were told to plan to travel in 3-4 months to pick her up~
so we were greatly surprised when we were able to go in October.

It was an emotional trip~
I still remember when I first laid eyes on her~
what a precious little bundle!

Now, according to Gracie, she's "all grown up"!

These past 7 years have been such a blessing to me!
I cannot imagine our lives without our Gracie.

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