Thursday, January 17, 2008

The 100 Good Wishes Quilt

Does anyone remember the above mentioned quilt?  Back when we were waiting to adopt Ian, and I was still blogging at my HeidiHomeschools blog, we were collecting "good wishes" and quilt squares for a quilt for Ian.  Several of my  blogging buddies here at HSB sent quilt squares, along with friends from church, family members, and some fellow waiting-to-adopt families.  We got so many good wishes and pieces of material~ well over the 100 squares we were hoping for.
Well, I finally got up the courage to start sewing.  With Ashley and Gracie's help, we sewed for a few hours last night, and again this morning;  and we have the whole quilt top finished!  We have 120 7" squares, sewn into 12 rows of 10 squares each.  We just need to put a border around it yet, to finish the top!  I wish I had a place big enough to lay it out and take a picture of it.  I know some of you would recognize your material!
Anyway, when it's all done, I'll be sure to hang it up somewhere and snap a picture to share.  It's exciting to finally be working on it.  And, it's been such a blessing to me as I've been ironing and sewing the squares, remembering who sent them.  Ashley read through the wishes this morning, and I had tears in my eyes as she read.  Everyone who was so supportive of us and Ian's adoption~ sending up prayers for him and love for us.  Wow, we have been so blessed! 
Edited to add:  We decided to spread it out on the living room floor and take a picture.  So, here's what it looks like at this point.  Can you pick out YOUR fabric?

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