Thursday, January 3, 2008

a cute Gracie-ism

Gee~ I should look back and see when the last time I posted a "Gracie Giggle" was.  I remember posting that she had turned 7 and the funny sayings seemed to come to a standstill.  Now, she's 1/2 way to 8!  How time flies (especially when you're having fun!)
Last night, Gracie was sitting on her little rocking chair, listening to her mp3 player (yes, I finally fought that thing and won!)  Anyway, she was just a dancin' and a singin' along (only there was no sound coming from her mouth).  I wish I would have had the video camera handy, because I know I'm not doing it justice with my words! 
I said "Gracie, what are you singing?" and she said "Nothing, I'm just mouth-lipping"!!!  LOL

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