Saturday, January 5, 2008

a special thanks.... everyone who gave feedback on
"the family bed"~
I loved getting the  various opinions~
everyone was so kind in their comments.
On a very positive note.....
we had a bit of a misunderstanding at our house yesterday
(that doesn't sound very positive, does it?)
I asked Brian if we could set up a bed in Ian's room~
I meant *in addition to* his crib~
but his room is rather small and Brian couldn't imagine such a thing.
So, while Ashley and I were at the eye doctor,
he surprised up by taking down the crib and setting up the bed.
I was really wondering what kind of a night we might have~
trying to keep Ian in a bed.
Guess what?!
That little guy slept in his *big boy bed* from 11pm 'til 6:30am!
(Mimi & Poppy came home with Lightning McQueen
sheets and a blanket today~
which should be even more enticing!)
I'll keep you posted.......

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