Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ian's Vocabulary

As most of you know, Ian has been a man of few words.  It's amazing how much his signing vocabulary has expanded over the months~ he has learned signs that we never taught him and he's even made up a few of his own.  Too cute!
However, what's even cuter is that, in just the past few days, he's added a TON of spoken words!  Sure, he was saying Dada, Mama, Poppa (my dad), ball, cars, and tickle.  But, now he's also saying Mimi (my mom who was thinking he'd never call her anything!), Ash, Gigi (for Gracie), cheese, football, juice, and he's even been attempting "love you"!  Of course, we're all going crazy.  We watch him like some kind of museum exhibit, and we're in awe every time he says a new word!  LOL
We'll have to try to get some video footage to share.

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