Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quick USCIS Update

I've had several people e-mail me and inquire about our continuing saga with the USCIS over Gracie and Ian's Certificate(s) of Citizenship.  First of all, I just really want to thank all of you who are keeping this matter in your prayers~ we so appreciate it!  Now, for a brief update:
  • Our contact at our federal rep's office was able to get an address for us to send Ian's Alien Registration Card (ARC) back to (she e-mailed that to us on Tuesday afternoon).  She recommended that we send it via certified mail, which we did on Wednesday.
  • Now, we just wait.  They should receive it back in plenty of time to keep us safely under that 30-day timeframe;  so all should be well with his case.  I wanted so badly to include a note telling them how negligent it was of them not to include that envelope, but I refrained (I have no fight left in me when it comes to our government).
  • As for Gracie, we haven't heard anything back in response to her application.  So, that is another matter for prayer.  Both hers and Ian's were sent on the same day (as a matter of fact, in the same envelope).  Apparently, there is no rhyme nor reason as far as when you might hear back from them.  So, for this too, we wait......

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