Friday, March 7, 2008

my hide & seek story

I just read a hide & seek story on my dear friend Ginny's blog and it reminded me of a few of our own that I should share.......

This afternoon, Ashley was packing to go on a weekend youth retreat. She came downstairs and announced that she had put her glasses (in their case) on her bed and that, when she went back for them to put them in her suitcase, they were gone! OK, now where can a pair of glasses (in a case) go? Certainly they couldn't have grown legs and walked off, right?! So, Gracie and I set off upstairs to help Ashley retrace her steps. We searched her bedroom high and low. I pulled back the covers of her bed, one at a time, and searched between them. I felt around the pillowcases and down between the matress and headboard. No glasses. Gracie searched the floor and Ashley was making sure that she didn't actually put them in any of the bags she had packed. Nothing. We checked both girls dressers, and pretty much turned their bedroom and the bathroom upside down. Still nothing. Ashley does have contacts, so it wouldn't have been a huge tragedy if she had to go away for the weekend without her glasses; but she does like to have them for back-up. I had mentioned her hamper, but she said "no", she had already looked there. In disgust, I gave up and came downstairs, telling her she'd just have to live without them for the weekend, and deciding that they had, indeed, grown legs! Not long later, Ashley came back downstairs to report that she had found the glasses and that they were in the hamper, after all. Apparently, she had picked up her clothes from this morning to throw in there, and the glasses went along for the ride (however, unlike the clothes, the glasses had sunk all the way to the bottom. Mystery solved!

This whole story reminds me of another glasses "scare" we had several years ago. We were vacationing in Ocean City, New Jersey (a yearly event for our family). Ashley had gone down to the beach with my mom, two of my aunts, and some of my cousins. She was playing in the water and had forgotten to take off her glasses. Suddenly, a big wave came and knocked her over, and her glasses disappeared. It was Ashley's first pair of glasses and the story behind them was that we never inquired about how much the glasses would cost us when we ordered them. We went to pick them up at the eye doctor and the bill was $269! I about flipped! $269 for a child's glasses?! Goodness! And now they were gone~ lost in the waves. I think Ashley was afraid to tell my mom that they were gone, but she knew that she had to. My Aunt Vicky immediately suggested that they stop and pray about it. Sure enough, not long after, Ashley found her glasses. Now, I'm thinking they could have washed up on the shores of England, or at least somewhere very far from where they happened to be on the beach. But, God heard the prayers of His children that day, and those glasses were found!

So, next time something is lost at your house and you're starting to panic, stop and say a prayer! At least it's in the house and not lost in the ocean! (FYI: those expensive glasses were nothing but trouble~ we ended up having to replace the nosepads on them at least 5 times! We've learned our lesson and order our glasses from the "cheap rack"~ nothing's ever gone wrong since! LOL)

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