Monday, April 28, 2008

a quick Ian run-down

Ian turned 2 last Sunday and we had his party this past Saturday.  I thought you might enjoy seeing some recent pictures of the little guy:

The first two pictures are of one of his first attempts at getting dirty in the backyard.  If any of my marketing buddies are reading this, I was on a conference call in the backyard, while Ian was playing!   Wal-mart made his cake (cause this Mama simply doesn't have the time anymore!)  It was made of cupcakes~ I was impressed with it~ it was much easier to serve, and very inexpensive.  Plus, of course, Ian was thrilled with the Cars theme.  Notice his orange t-shirt~ it says "My parents are exhausted"! LOL
Ian went for his 2-year well-baby visit today.  He's really growing!  He weighed in at 28 pounds (49th %) and is 35 3/4" tall (80th %).  He's bigger than either of the girls were at 2 years.  He's not chubby, he's just VERY solid!  Aside from a runny nose (that just started yesterday, after an illness-free winter) his doctor said "he's perfect!"  We think so too!

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