Monday, April 21, 2008

Yesterday was.....

....IAN'S 2nd BIRTHDAY!!!
Those of you who journeyed with me through the whole adoption process, can you believe Ian is 2 already?!  Time sure does fly when you're having fun!
I didn't have time to blog about him yesterday.  We had a weekend-long youth retreat at our church;  so we were busy with that all weekend.  Yesterday afternoon, we took Crystal's girls back home and had to run a few errands.  Due to the busy weekend, we had decided to postpone Ian's birthday celebration until next weekend~ his party will be on Saturday (the 26th). 
We did give him his gifts last night.  We got him a Little Touch Leap Pad system and 2 books.  Thanks to my friend Isabelle for sharing a coupon code and a great sale at Leap Frog, we got a fantastic deal on all of this.  And Ian loves it!  Let's face it, the child loves anything that makes noise!  And the fact that this has a volume control makes it 10 times more appealing to him!  LOL
My parents got him a wagon full of Mega blocks and some cute clothes- Cars swimming trunks (which Ian has been eyeing up at Wal-mart for weeks!), a Cars t-shirt, a pair of khaki shorts, and an orange t-shirt that says "my parents are exhausted"!  (that just pretty much sums it up, huh?!)
Today he got a package in the mail from my friend Charity.  She sent him a cute sippy cup from the Disney store and a precious little dress shirt (yes, they're both Cars too!)  Ian is Lightning McQueen's biggest fan!  LOL
I'll share pictures after the party.

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