Friday, March 27, 2009

Homestead Simplicity E-Books by Lisa Barthuly

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of working with Lisa Barthuly. When she's not busy selling ads for TOS, she is managing her homestead and her home-based business - Homestead Originals. (Watch my blog in the coming weeks for reviews of some of her products - such as heating pads, candles, etc.)

Today, though, I'd like to tell you about Lisa's wonderful e-books...
First, Homestead Simplicity: A Primer. Here's what Lisa has to say about this one: "[this e-book] shares helps for the Keeper of the Home! We like to keep it simple around here, and while I also want the best for my family, sometimes striking a balance between the two can be difficult at best. Join us as we share some simple hints, tips and recipes along with a little inspiration to add a little "Homestead Simplicity" to your life! Natural Cleaning recipes, Cooking from Scratch (easily!) planning/stocking your pantry, and loving care for your homestead and those in it!"

Homestead Simplicity: Natural Clean is the second e-book in the Homestead Simplicity series. This e-book is a great follow-up for the first in the series. Here's the description: "Learn how to create natural cleaners & goodies that are not only better than their commercial counterparts, but MUCH HEALTHIER (not to mention, more FRUGAL!) for for your homestead and those in it! We share natural recipes, frugal tips, & ideas for you to create & implement at your own homestead! You'll learn how to make your own "Natural Cleaners Starter Kit" and how to create everything from your own laundry soap, to homemade dryer sheets, antibacterial spray cleaners, potpourri blends, fabric softeners, special blends for a relaxing bath...even tips for the outside of the homestead and much more! We've also included a page in the eBook with our own "Natural Clean" recipe card for you to print off and use for recording own creations! A must have for those looking not only to simplify, but to cut that grocery bill down, create a healthier environment for our families & be able to revive the art of making our own!"

I just love these e-books! Lisa shares so many tips for bringing simplicity to your home. There are tips for organizing and simplifying things in your kitchen, including yummy recipes that your family is sure to enjoy (and you will be proud to feed them). I made "The BEST Chocolate Cake!" for my family - and it truly was yummy! I'm anxious to try some of the other recipes, and will be adding them to our menu rotation.

Lisa shares ideas on how to maintain a well-stocked pantry, tips on canning (which I need!), and numerous recipes for homemade cleaners. I never thought that I would find myself making my own laundry soap, but I have been using Lisa's recipe for many months now and we love it! As a matter of fact, after bragging it up to my mom, she has been commissioning me to make laundry soap for her as well. A batch literally lasts for months and costs approximately $1 to make. Amazing!

In addition to the laundry soap recipe, Lisa also includes other tips for doing your laundry. And, there are even recipes for some great "pampering yourself" items - such as bath soaks and herbal/remedy drinks. And ALL OF THIS is in Homestead Simplicity: A Primer!

The second e-book, Homestead Simplicity: Natural Clean contains more of the same - more recipes for natural cleaners (these are so wonderful, especially if you are looking for ways to eliminate chemicals from your household), stain removal and laundry freshening tips, ideas for making your household more "homey" (including potpourri recipes for all the seasons and some medicinal purposes), and ways to make your yard more healthy and beautiful (natural weed killers, ways to get rid of pesty insects, and even tips on how to keep your car clean!)

Ever thought of making your own toothpaste? What about hair conditioner or perfume? There are recipes for all of these, and many more health & beauty treatments, in this e-book. One thing I was excited about was the recipes for ways to pamper my feet (heaven knows I need these!)

The covers on these e-books alone are enough to make you want to pick them up and read them. After you do, you'll be wanting to incorporate all that you've learned into your own home! I know I do!

So, head on over to Homestead Originals and purchase your e-books today. You can also purchase both of these e-books through the Schoolhouse Store.

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