Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Talent for Quiet by Kim Chatel

Reanie is a shy girl. She has a new step-dad whose shoulders seem to fill their small house. Afraid to disappoint him, she retreats to her room whenever Bill asks her to play. But when he invites her on a photo safari in the creek, Reanie can’t resist. As the father and daughter splash through the water, they encounter many creatures. Bill teaches Reanie how to handle a camera, and her new step-dad doesn’t seem so strange anymore.
Illustrated with Kim Chatel’s photography, this is more than a story. It is a journey with Reanie as she finds her voice and her artistic talent. The back of the book includes 4 nonfiction pages about photography: a glossary of terms, tips on taking better pictures and historical tidbits about photography.

Kim Chatel has many talents! Not only is she a published author, but she also does amazing fiber art (see my review on her first children's book, Rainbow Sheep, here), and she's an accomplished photographer. Her newest children's book, A Talent for Quiet, showcases her lovely photographs, while enhancing a tale of a little girl who is learning to accept and bond with her new stepfather. The photographs definitely brought this tale to life. One thing that I've come to love about the books by Guardian Angel Publishing (think Splish!) are the "extras" in the back of every book. A Talent for Quiet is no exception - it comes complete with a glossary of photography/camera terms, tips for taking better pictures, and a fun "did you know..." section. If you'd like to learn more about Kim Chatel and her work, you can visit her website.

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