Friday, May 8, 2009

Attic Renovations (part 2)

Day 6:
*If you noticed that there was no "Attic - Day 5" post, you're  very observant!  The reason for that is because, suffice it to say, it was just a lot more insulation!  After awhile, it all kinda looks the same!

Day 6, though, was quite the transformation!  We have walls!  (at least, SOME walls!)  Yes, it's paneling.  The word "paneling" kinda drums up thoughts of dark, fake-looking stuff to me; and, when I first heard it, I admit that I panicked.  However, upon closer inspection, we discovered that there is actually some neat-looking paneling nowadays.  We found one that really resembles wainscoting (which we love), so we're pretty happy with the results.

(this is the dividing wall with an opening to get to the storage space)

Day 7:
With the exception of the stairway, the walls are all done!  Tomorrow they will probably finish the walls and start on the ceiling tiles (that's just my guess).  Ashley and I went to Lowe's today and bought light fixtures - one for the middle of the room, one for the stairway, and 2 for the walls in the dormer part of the room.  Things are coming together quite nicely!

These last two shots are of the chimney.

Several years ago, we had a leak and the wall rotted -

it was quite disgusting, really.

Who knew that behind it was this neat brick chimney?!

Too bad tomorrow that will get covered up again.

I think it adds some character! 

Day 8:
Today, most of the visible work was done in the stairway.

These two pictures were taken from upstairs, looking down.

Who's that cutie on the stairs?!

This one is taken from the hallway, looking up.

This process is starting to seem like it's taking forever.

I'm getting impatient.

Days 9 & 10:
The past two days have been spent working on the ceiling...


(If you're wondering why there are two outlets so close together,

the one on the left is for an air conditioner)

...and the window seat...

(this is the part of the room that Ashley is most excited about)

Let me tell you, I am SO ANXIOUS for this project to be over.  I did notice that the men took a lot of their tools and equipment home with them this weekend; so I'm hoping that means there is very little left to do this coming week.  They need to put trim on the corners and ceiling, install the lighting, and do a bit of painting.  I'm not even sure yet about the floors - we talked about having them varnished, but Ashley is all for leaving them in their original state - so we'll see. 

I believe that, from now on, I'll be titling these posts "Ashley's Room - Day --", because it truly is her room now - she is getting so excited!  Look for updates on Gracie's room, coming soon, too (she's getting so excited to make some changes to her room as well).

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